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We humans
have evolved over the past 100,000 years into various religions, races, countries and cultures, yet the primitive reality of our beginnings escapes us. Each group mistakenly believes their origin is divine and rooted in truth. We humans have withdrawn into an illusion, "human folly" and we are locked in perpetual conflict with ourselves and the universe around us. What a waste of a promising species.

Today useless conflicts abound with Christians against Muslims, Capitalists against Communists, Jews against Palestinians, Republicans against Democrats, blacks against whites, left against right and the rich against the poor. All of these conflicts are totally absurd on a cosmic level because the universe simply doesn't care about "human folly". 

If we are going to succeed in this indifferent universe we must grow up and pay attention to what really matters. We must crystallize into a worthy species and learn how to research and inventory Earth's resources and share them equally with all humankind. We must freely educate all humans to adapt and improve all human life equally. We must enjoy the cosmos and explore this gift of life.

As a consequence of the above statement I refuse to participate in this inane human folly any longer. I do not consider myself a conservative, liberal, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Republican, Democrat, Communist, Socialist, American, Anarchist or, last but not least, free. I am simply one of billions of human beings. I am an Earthling. The very idea that humankind should be segmented by class, flag, race or ideology is a sign of evolutionary mediocrity. A sure sign of failure on the cosmic level.

Capitalism doesn't work


The dictionary defines Capitalism as: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

What Capitalism will do to the world of humans in the future is as bleak as any novel by George Orwell. You see, Capitalism is the ultimate deceiver. It creates, by default, an elite consisting of 2 percent of the populous. Unfortunately it would also create an overwhelming lower tier of people who will always suffer. Ask yourself one question. Can everyone make a profit at the same time? 

Humans need to crystallize into a corrupt free species, understanding that all individuals deserve the same protection and privileges, the same education, the same accommodations and access to information. Unfortunately today we are living in a primitive world where the majority of humans will not understand that a species can live without an economic system. With the advent of computers we could assess the resources of the planet. We could research every aspect of life on Earth and make it possible to invent houses that are impervious to high wind by eliminating sharp angles. We could find an easy way to convert seawater into a drinkable resource. We could provide prosperity throughout the world, and eliminate hoarding, greed and power grabbing.

This type of human self government could face the scrutiny of any religion and any doubts. Funny how something sounding so naive and simple is the only solution to humankind's woes.
Fact 1. As long as the concept of money exists, there will never be freedom.
Fact 2. As long as patriotism exists, there will never be world peace.
Fact 3. As long as class and race distinctions exist, humankind will never achieve it's potential or reach the stars.


I want no part of a species that demands money for knowledge, medical care or even the right to exist. On a cosmic level we are barely a Type 0 civilization and we are embarrassingly low in any measurable moral standard.

Humankind is not evolving into a "Type 1 Civilization".


Do you want examples of how disgusting all governments can be?

We dispense knowledge only to those who can afford it.

We provide the best health care for those who can afford it.

The fattest person in North Korea is it's ruler.

Drug manufacturers are interested in profit only.

Every act must be financially rewarded or it's not worth doing.

People die, marriages break up and crimes are committed every day over money.

If you are poor your children will most likely remain poor.

Poor quality in virtually every product is fed to the lower classes.

The most obvious fault in Capitalism is the most cruel.
Those who work the hardest get paid the least.
Humans should get paid per ft/lb of work they produce.


Present day governments are all corrupted by Capitalism which will eventually turn all humans, except the 3% who are wealthy, into contracted slaves. PERIOD
There is a solution to Earth's problems
if you read below.

An alternate reality on planet Earth.
A different human reality could surface due to the development of the computer. A reality where all human stress would cease.

It would be a cooperative world worthy of cosmic scrutiny:
No more voting,
No more commercials,
No more positioning for power or wealth.
No reason to hoard gold or anything else,
No worrying about money,
No evictions,
No religious based governments enforcing one belief on others,
No Wars,
No governments ruling by extortion (bills),
No insurance,
No Dictatorships to oppress or brainwash the people,
No paying for knowledge,
No time limit on learning,
No paying for health care,
No working 8 hours a day,
No privileged information,
No hatred on the highways,
The list goes on and on and on.......

1. To arrive at a reality like the one above we must accept that religion has no business governing all humankind. Why?  Because the very existence of other religions presents a very real possibility of conflicts and no one religion is a viable choice to rule without placing other humans in jeopardy. Do the math!

2. The world economy (Capitalism) is driven by habit and greed. 
If you consider the laws of physics, most effort (ft/lbs of work) would be rewarded with an equal amount of benefit (income) derived from that effort. In the case of humans, this natural law is ignored and replaced with an illusion created by the elite. In any physical world the base of the pyramid is composed of the biggest and strongest foundation blocks. Then why is the human majority, the foundation of human civilization, faced with the least riches and the most stress? THIS HUMAN REALITY IS BACKWARDS.

Capitalism is a rigged system that is designed to feed off the majority to benefit the minority. The problem is humans accept PROFIT as being both responsible and morally acceptable.

3. Only a world wide Resource based economy which is completely transparent would be acceptable. This requires global cooperation and total commitment.

more numbers to come........

We are born into a universe full of promise and new discovery, yet we are individually molded or coerced into the misguided notion that our geographic birthplace somehow guarantees our moral and political superiority. We put a flag on it and call it a country. We are raised in schools pledging our lives to our governments long before we are old enough to understand what we are saying. That in itself is a breach of the law since we were all minors at the time. Patriotism is a form of prejudice. You can't deny it.


Humankind could survive on a resource based economy.

I suggest spending two or more decades prior to "an agreed upon global reboot". During this time humankind could inventory Earth's resources, eliminate geographical and prejudicial claims of ownership and objectively determine how we might distribute global resources equally to all humankind. 

Each and every field of human endeavor, including all the sciences and former business competitors, would freely share knowledge and innovations across the globe. A reboot would effectively strip humankind of our incessant selfishness, secrecy and lack of cooperation. 

Money would not exist and jobs could become four hours of public service rather than the eight hours of daily stress and bondage we experience today. 

This new world would have a flexible school system that doesn't turn the learning process into an obstacle course, or worse, a timed sprint. There is no "Eye of the Needle" to pass through at the end of each year. A system that seeks a child's abilities and promotes talent of all kinds and at any speed. Most of all, a system that allows everyone to evolve. 

There would be no hoarding, bottom line, cutting corners, scams, advertising, elitism, extortion (insurance) or exclusion from any health care.

There would be no need to sell anything. Think about it. You don't have to lie and deceive your fellow man or rely on commission. 

This new Reboot would outlaw violence towards others, eliminate coercion, stop abuse of authority and protect individual freedoms. Government would be reduced to a simple working administration focused on maintenance alone.


Even the pretense of having authority or power over others would be laughable and ridiculed. On an individual level we would each explore our potential freely without monetary or time restraints. We would become a blend of all colors and shades, all beautiful.

Nothing left to do but look toward the stars. 

The above examples are brief glimpses into an alternate reality. Possible? YES 

Probable? NO, since it is the majority of humans that are programmed by Capitalism.


These people are DINOSAURS and they still exist!!!

"OPPOSITION" - There is no way a government can function when driven by 2 opposing and unforgiving points of view (republican vs democrat, religious vs secular, woman vs man etc..).


INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY" - Look how low we've sunk regarding intellectual property. We develop cures for diseases yet we are only interested in selling those cures. "Let them pay up or die", that's our motto!


ILLUSION INSTITUTION - All human reality is motivated and built upon earning a profit, which in turn eliminates any moral high ground.

Present DayIdeal World

Which of these worlds (above) has the best chance to succeed? On the left we have a world full of conflict and abuse. The answer is the world on the right side. A world without class distinctions, conflicts or borders. This is the only option which guarantees both our survival and a road to the stars.
I know there are millions of humans who would like to evolve.

Why do humans try to educate under the constraints of a stop watch? Why do we force our children to pass through the eye of a needle by limiting their time and what they may learn? But the most embarrassing thing we humans do is demand payment for knowledge. Because of Capitalism the vast majority of human children will never know their potential.

We humans must crystallize into a species with a cosmic perspective. Imagine how humans would benefit if all knowledge and resources were free and shared. Imagine a world without patents, without hoarding, without nepotism, without the prejudice we call patriotism, without corporate secrets, government secrets or ignorance.

Patrick Henry once said "I am no longer a Virginian, I am an American." It is time for all humans to say "I am no longer of one country, one club, one race or one religion. I am an Earthling."

Status of Human Race on a cosmic level. Link Below:



Our galaxy "The Milky Way" has around 100 billion stars circling a giant black hole. It is estimated that there are another 100 billion galaxies in the known universe (probably an absurdly low estimate). 

EARTH'S first human radio broadcasts have traveled through space since the 1920's. That small circle (below) represents the distance our radio broadcasts have traveled since then. Earth would be in the center of that small circle and, as you can see, the vast majority of our own galaxy is yet unaware of our existence. Those civilizations within the circle will barely detect us because of signal degradation. Now you see why no one has responded to our radio broadcasts. They are out there but distances are great! 


Earth's Radio Broadcast distance.


Milky Way Earth Path

All that we know, see, feel, hear and taste derives from coalescing gas and exploding stars. Your gold jewelry comes from an ancient exploding star, forged by intense fusion long before our Earth existed. We are all made entirely of star stuff.


Political Dinosaurs

If we really believed in our Earthly religions we would not allow a world, like the one above, to exist.


SLAVERY STILL EXISTS - Slavery in modern times is driven by Capitalism. It demands that we work the majority of our waking hours for minimum wage. If humans must use money then, to be fair, wages should be based on individual energy output. Those who work the hardest in a physical sense should earn the most money.

Imagine the weight loss!!!


The belief that any human being deserves more than another is absurd and immoral on a cosmic level.


The only way for humans to beat the system is to ignore it and stop the world. If the majority of humans across the globe were to suddenly stop working, stop paying their bills and help each other, then the economy of the globe would come to a halt. Imagine a revolution with no demonstrations and no violence.

If the majority of humans decided to ignore the orders to fight in any war, there would be no wars.

If the majority of humans decided to think together, there's no telling what we could accomplish.

Recipe for disaster:

2 cups of Nationalism,
2 cups of religion (any will do)
3/4 cups of Ignorance (not stupidity just ignorance),
and a dash of bigotry, jealousy, envy and want.

Bake at 90 degrees




Have and Have Not
Only on planet Earth:

"The link below is an example of how intellectually ugly and selfish humans can be when motivated by money alone." 

Ann Coulter vs. Al Franken on what they would do in the past to make a change for the better.

Put Money To Good Use
An appropriate application of money.


Being offended by anything,
Feeling people are disrespectful towards you.

Thinking any job is beneath you.
Telling the bigger or better story.
Giving a gift and expecting something in return.
Being disappointed in somebody else.
Preoccupation with others taking advantage of you.
Believing in (fill in the blank) and forcing it on others.
Being offended by the name "Redskins".


All the ancient peoples of Earth still exist. The Maya, Inca, Greek, Anasasi, Roman, Egyptians, Nubian, Mongols and natives of all kinds are still here. They simply disperse amongst the rest. Yes even the DNA of Neanderthals is within us. Anything that is physically possible can happen and is natural.


I will always question the sanity or motives of someone who speaks for any God or country. I refuse to blindly follow any political party, any religion or any law that seems constructed by prejudice or human folly. 

If all people are equal, there is no threat of persecution. When there is no threat of persecution there is nothing more to conquer except the stars.


A beautiful moment in time near Bali

We were sailing the pacific on the USS Providence just off the coast of Bali in 1968. It was a hot still summer night around 12:00 midnight and I was sitting on the deck with a few of my friends in the navy band. Everything was eerily quiet and even the sound of a nuclear cruiser cutting the water was lost in the absolute quiet of a mirror smooth ocean. The surface of the water was completely hidden by a 2 foot high fog layer above the surface. It was as if we were sailing on a cloud and when you looked over the side you saw only white. Above us the Milky Way was crystal clear. 

Out of the cloudy mist below emerged flying fish. They would glide about 20 yards before diving back into the white silence. The whole experience was like living in a Dali painting. The flying fish, the silence and the fog were all components of a beautiful moment that I would never again experience. It wasn't over yet!! 

Gary Marcus, a 1st class petty officer who was a phenomenal tenor sax player, appeared on deck dressed only in his underwear and with his tenor sax hanging from his neck. He was following an officer up to the bridge. My friends looked at each other and agreed that he was fuming mad. Not five minutes later we heard "Bali Hai" played over the loud speaker so the whole ship could hear it. Once the melody was over he finished it off with a mad flurry of notes as if pissing all over what he had just played. Ahhh, the wonderful language of music. A beautiful evening in so many ways.

I was recently told by Mike Burns (a fine musician and one who knows about sacrifice) that Gary Marcus was married and needed to stay in the Navy to pay for his child's medical problems. Inspiration comes from those around us.


What is Memory?

The universe is full of matter that is moving. Matter in motion leaves a trail. That trail is Memory. We only need to open our eyes, smell a scent, hear a sound, taste or touch to use memory. Everything that you perceive is memory.
       Craters on all planetary bodies are memory.
       Scarred rocks from receding glaciers are memory,
       A snail's trail is memory,
       Ripples in the sand,  or a sticky dollar bill are memory,
       A bruise, a cruise or a short fuse are memory,
       The scent of perfume is memory, 
       Everything that moves or is moved upon is memory........

Now, hypothetically, if there is an awareness of all memory then that would suggest a singular universal consciousness. A glimmer of hope for all the religious out there.

"Speaking of memory, I can't tell you how many times I've stood in a room wondering what I was doing there."





Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to be free,
the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

"Now it appears most Americans have determined that we can no longer afford compassion or tolerance. Oh well.....we all know that money trumps compassion".


Keep your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to be free,
keep the refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed elsewhere.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door,
it reads "NO Vacancy".


Misguided Patriotism
Any government that murders its own people is corrupt and paranoid. Above: These ignorant Chinese soldiers think they are doing the right thing, just like Americans at Kent State or Egyptian soldiers in Cairo. The girl above is a Tibetan demonstrator who eventually ends up with half her head blown off. How noble is mankind? The U. S. government would do the same if the elite felt threatened.

"It's amazing how brave our leaders are while sending our sons and daughters to do their dirty work".


"MEDICAL INSURANCE" - Medical insurance is extortion paid by individuals to stay alive and backed by our government. Asking for money in return for medical care is embarrassing on a cosmic level. My apologies to any intelligent life out there.

Why must humans work more than 4 hours a day?
Why must humans fight for any government?
Why do humans submit to inequality (Capitalism)?
Why do humans who do very little work earn more money?
Why do humans accept class distinction, royalty and elitism?
Why do humans demand money for knowledge?
Why do humans pay for medical treatment?
Why is money a determining factor in all human life?


The following link will help all individuals to learn:

"Parents, if your children are having problems with math or any subject, go to the above link and have them improve their weaknesses with repetition. Repetition is the best teacher."



INFRASTRUCTURE - For humans to survive it is necessary that we maintain and develop a consistent and improved infrastructure (communications, water, power, transportation, education and housing) at all times. 

STANDARDIZATION - One of the most important aspects of accelerated evolution would be global standardization, thus allowing all people access to the same products for a specified length of time (example: ten years) without suffering incompatibility problems. 



Nothing for now, but I'll use this spot to rant and rave.



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