While reading this page keep in mind that I do not consider myself a conservative, liberal, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, republican, democrat, communist, socialist, anarchist or racist. I'm an Earthling. It's time we humans crystallize into a worthy species and evolve beyond petty boundaries, politics or language differences. It's time to rise above the mediocre and become a worthy global species.

What I say below is the result of
spending 7 decades on this planet.

Primitive Posturing

To quote from George Orwell's "1984",
“We know that no one ever seizes power
with the intention of relinquishing it.”


The Rise of 3 Idiots who personify evolutionary mediocrity.

WARNING: Be fearful of any leaders who decide to extend their rule beyond any agreed term limit. Once you allow this to happen... well you can kiss your freedoms goodbye. Human leaders, by default, are corrupted by primitive beliefs and territorial aspirations only. Even the big religions are corrupted by bigotry and luxury. Unfortunately the human race is equally corruptible, gullible and unworthy of evolutionary advancement.

    Vladimir Putin has extended his rule because he is Corrupt. Funny though, he is currently afraid to get within 20 feet of his toadies for fear of being assassinated. Russia is not a communist country. Russia is a dictatorship and Putin is proof of how insane our leaders can get. His recent comment that he is like "Peter the Great" has rationalized his delusional drive for conquest. How sad and how primitive is his insanity.

    Xi Jinping has extended his rule because he is also Corrupt. China is not a communist country and never was. Xi Jinping is another evil relic of the past who is bogged down by his self importance. Most humans should know that a self important person is easily offended and dangerous. How sad and cliche... more misguided and primitive behavior from a world leader.

    Trump, on the other hand, is a five year old maniac who's presidency was made possible by the ignorance of the U.S. voter. Democracy's weakest link has always been its voter base. For example: Trump's followers are a huge source of stupidity and they mimic the far right support that Adolph Hitler received in the 1930's.

In regards to the world's human population, I'm convinced that 2022 has proven that the human species has gone mad with self importance, xenophobia and greed. Consequently we deserve the endless moral stagnation our species has experienced these past 10,000 years. Compassion exists only as a concept yet never as a motivating national agenda.

Kudos to the human
who managed to rise above it all.

Best Leader Ever
President Jose Mujica

    For five years, the 40th national leader of Uruguay, Jose Alberto Mujica Cordano, was the world’s poorest president. He served from 2010 to 2015, and retired at the age of 81. He and his wife live on a small, austere chrysanthemum farm outside the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo—and they lived there throughout his presidency, refusing to occupy Uruguay’s lavish presidential palace.

    As the President of Uruguay, “Pepe” Mujica donated 90% of his $12,000 monthly salary to charities for the poor and small entrepreneurs. The amount left over, he decided, would be the median income of all the citizens of his country. His wife owns their farm, so President Mujica’s humble lifestyle includes just one major possession: a 1987 Volkswagen Beetle. He listed the old car’s value–$1800—as his only asset and total net worth in 2010, the first year of his presidency.

    When President Mujica left office in 2015—with a record-high approval rating and a thriving economy—a wealthy Arab sheik offered him $1 million for his now-famous Volkswagen. He said, if he did sell the old car, that he would donate the entire amount to a program he supports for housing the homeless.

    His humility may have come from the 13 years he spent in prison, a captive of the brutal Uruguayan military dictatorship at the time. His imprisonment included two years of solitary confinement underground in an empty old horse-watering trough. He said “My years in jail were a bit like a workshop for me—that actually forged my way of thinking and my values.”

    President Mujica viewed his presidency as a way to serve the people of his country, not as a way to enrich or elevate himself. He modestly saw the job as a civil service position.

    Can you imagine what the world would be like if all leaders behaved this way?

Similarities in 1941 and 2022
Notice anything?

    Filled with hatred and madness, like the citizens in George Orwell's "1984", Trump's followers waved their flags and screamed their insults at any group of people they were told were a threat. Even so called religious people believed in this idiot, as if any morally centered God would support a monster like Trump.

   Trump has a tell.

    Whenever he tilts his head and grasps the podium with both arms straightened, look out because the crap is going to fly!! Everything that comes out of his mouth is then a lie. What a vile creature.

What is wrong with the U.S.?

The U.S. congress and the Supreme court are corrupted and polarized. This is a symptom of decay and decline. There has been too much attention paid to "The U.S. Constitution" and not enough adaptation to situations that were NOT anticipated in 1787. A country focused (locked in) on the past is doomed to failure. Our species is focused inwardly on primitive dogma and failing to evolve. Human rights should always expand and adapt.
The U.S. congress actually auditions Judges to determine how they will rule in hypothetical situations. STUPID! How can any judge approach a case with their mind already made up?
The Popular Vote has been replaced by the Electoral College which is convoluted and easily manipulated.
The fact that there are 50 states with different freedoms and laws proves that this country is one huge contradiction in logic. Consequently, there is no absolute equality or freedom in the U.S. and there never was.


Political Dinosaurs

Every single country on this planet is undeserving of peace and, if I may go further, every country is corrupted by primitive dogma and capitalism. Humankind is still in its pubescent stage and consequently far from coalescing into a viable species.
Avoid this planet like the plague!


The Milky Way Galaxy (simulated below) has around 200 billion stars circling a giant black hole. It is estimated that there are another 200 billion galaxies in the known universe (probably a very low estimate). That alone is astounding. Why we haven't been contacted by other beings is simply explained below:

Earth's Radio Broadcast distance.

The above example was created in 2015

so the circle would be

imperceptibly larger.

Using the image above as a reference:

EARTH'S first human radio broadcasts have traveled through space at the speed of light since the 1920's. That small circle (above) approximates the distance our radio broadcasts have traveled since then. Earth would be in the center of that small circle and, as you can see, the vast majority of our own galaxy is yet unaware of our existence.  Now you see why no one has responded to our radio broadcasts. No doubt there are alien species throughout most galaxies, yet the chance that they develop into a civilization that advances beyond their star's life cycle would be rare. The vast size of the Universe is overwhelming, lonely and yet most beautiful.


Milky Way Earth Path

All that we know, see, feel, hear and taste derives from coalescing gas and exploding stars. Your gold jewelry comes from ancient exploding stars. Humans can have their opinions about the meaning of everything but the truth is revealed in the observable universe. The Universe doesn't care about "Human Folly". If we refuse to face the physical threats such as global warming, drought, flooding or viral pandemics, we as humans will disappear.


A Cosmic Perspective on human evolutionary stagnation.

Pro Russian patriotism and insanity.

American Thugs
Pro U.S. patriotism and insanity.

There is No difference between the two is there?

The ignorance of any country's citizens is also a country's weakest link? In 2016 Trump demonstrated how to utilize this ignorance to his advantage.

    Every autocrat or dictator on planet Earth has access to ignorant thugs hyped up on patriotism. You know the kind I'm talking about, like the goons that Saudi Arabia used to kill and dismember Jamal Khashoggi. They are also used by the US to water-board in Guantanamo and perform other atrocities. They were used in Tianamen Square in Beijing and Russia's Bucha atrocities.

Can this be the same species that landed on the moon?
Apparently we do live on the "Planet of the Apes".

(Stupidity specific to the U. S)

The U. S. Constitution was written in 1787 by people who owned slaves. Voters were defined as land owners (not slaves) and the "founding fathers" were oblivious to the country's problems in the future.
    The idea that using the constitution as a guideline for our legislative decisions will destroy the future of this country. There is no representation for citizens who don't believe in a God, those who live in same sex relationships or those who wish to explore the possibilities of science and logic.

Can you see that nothing is solved by two opposing Parties?
    Humans should never approach a problem with their minds made up. Congress actually auditions judges to verify their loyalties to a given party, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Can you see that a country divided by 50 is useless?
50 different states with different laws do not promote equality in this country. The very existence of 50 states with conflicting laws is absurd.



    Individually humans are so beautiful. We are all unique and have enormous potential for love and a great appetite for happiness and peace.
    We must realize that every human perceives the universe differently. Who determines which perception is correct?
The Past does!

    We are born into this world and most often we adopt local religions and customs as gospel. Some people rise above this limited view while most of the population does not.

    The only successful path forward for humans is in the observable Universe and how we react to it. Stripped of all opinions and dogma, humans could learn from the physical universe alone. Everything else including all differences in religion and ethnicity is a preoccupation with "human folly". Human folly is the reason humans go to war.




    All governments on planet Earth are corrupted. They are imperfect, primitive, unjust, biased, devious and totally harmful to the successful development of the human species as a whole. "Why? What do you mean? How dare you say that!"

Where it belongs.

    The one undeniable and corrupting element on planet Earth is the concept of currency and its manipulation.

FACTS: Capitalism is not a form of government, and yet, every government is controlled by a form of Capitalism.

Capitalism is a horribly flawed economic system which restricts the lives of 90 Percent of the human species. It is the number one enemy of humankind.


The wealthy sit on the top of the pyramid (Above) and they suck the life out of the middle class and the poor.  They also evade paying taxes.


    As long as Capitalism is allowed to exist on this planet the human species will never develop beyond evolutionary mediocrity. Ninety percent of all children on Earth will never reach their untapped potential because they are poor.

Capitalism is responsible for:

Corrupting every government on planet Earth,

Mediocrity (anything that sells is repeated over and over),
Taxes burden the middle class and the poor (forever),
Competition (rather than cooperation or standardization),
Restricting education to those who pay,
Wars, pot holes, scams, commercials, nepotism,

Class distinction (which is absurd),
Human reality offers no real sense of security (until death),
Kicking homeless out of the parks,
Lowest bid mentality,
you pick the rest....

What is wrong with a two party system?

The U.S. republicans want to protect their riches and prevent any threat to their life styles, wealth and comfort. They will even back a compulsive liar and thug for president. It's a shame that they believe protecting their party is more important than their country.

The U.S. democrats want to protect everyone. They don't realize the irony in using capitalism, the very system that has caused human poverty, to cure human poverty.

FACT: Money is not necessary for humans to survive. Shocking? All it takes is cooperation. Guess what, jobs should never define the worth of a human. Physical labor, tedious warehouse and desk jobs should be rewarded the same quality of life as the wealthy. Just on moral issues alone the human race is in a disgraceful state. On a cosmic level the human race is pathetic.

IMPORTANT FACT: Anyone knows that the only true reward should be in the act of doing and not in a financial payoff.

A global non-threatening government
can provide a new world. In this world...

1. Homes are designed using  aerodynamic principles and not 90         degree angles.
2. Water is collected and utilized efficiently everywhere.
3. Medical care is freely given.
4. There is no such thing as Insurance (legal extortion).
5. Education is free a
nd not based on age or time limits.
6.  People don't need to work 8 hours a day (Why not 4 hours).
7. There is no reason to hoard anything including money.
8. Infrastructure and peace are government's only responsibilities.
9. Police still exist. Harm to any human is a crime like cancer.
10. There is no class distinction.
11. All old financial jobs
are replaced by inventory taking jobs.
12. All resources and research is freely shared.
13. There are no dictators, autocrats, monsters to threaten anyone.
Gold is merely another element to use.
15. All people are given the freedom to explore their interests.
16. Religions remain in the mind and not enforced on others.
17. More time, no stress, more freedom...What's not to like?

    It is funny how a colony of ants can handle disasters much better than any human disaster response.


GLOBAL COOPERATION - World Government that favors all people and knows no borders.

GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE - For humans to survive it is necessary that we maintain and develop a consistent and improved infrastructure (communications, water, power, transportation, education and housing) at all times. 

GLOBAL STANDARDIZATION - One of the most important aspects of accelerated evolution would be global standardization.  It would allow all people access to the same products for a specified length of time (example: ten years) without suffering from incompatibility problems.

The biggest human disaster was done early in human evolution. SEPARATE LANGUAGES (the opposite of standardization)


2022 A government is Polarized

    Have you ever witnessed humans (even relatives) in an argument where the outcome results in one or the other participant conceding defeat? Humans are only interested in winning at all cost. Logic is useless in such cases.


    We are wasting our most precious Earthly resource which is the human mind. Imagine the millions of geniuses around the Earth that never get a chance to flourish because of prejudice, lack of opportunity or poverty.

Perhaps some day we will evolve into a "Type One civilization" as described by the noted theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.
Look it up!


Have and Have Not

So Wrong
Isn't the contrast sickening?
The man above is nothing to those two women.

Statue of Liberty 



"Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to be free,
the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

"Now it appears most Americans have determined that we can no longer afford compassion or tolerance. Thank you Trump!


"Keep your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to be free,
keep the refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed elsewhere.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door,
and a sign reads NO Vacancy."

Black Lives Do Matter
As do all lives, but we are responsible for the deplorable
slave issues of the past and we must make amends.

true bravery

A look into the past reveals faces of hatred and ignorance.
Imagine the bravery of this young woman.
The above is an example of the type of crowd that president Trump used as his political base. Ignorance is the ONLY excuse for the above disgrace.

HUMAN FOLLY #1 " The concept of Class and Elitism"

Human Folly

Newton's Third Law of Inertia simply put: Every action (force) is met with an equal and opposite reaction (force).

    In a fair and just world, hard physical or tedious work should be rewarded by an equal measure of benefit. Keeping this in mind, how do we justify the fact that only 2% of the humans on this planet are wealthy and do very little work? How do we justify the poor and middle class living under the yoke of endless debt while suffering the stress of constant extortion at the hands of the rich?

HUMAN FOLLY #2 - "Conflicting ideologies"


    Today useless conflicts abound with Christians against Muslims, democracy against communism or autocracy, Jews against Palestinians, republicans against democrats, Muslim against Hindu, blacks against whites, left against right, and the rich against the poor. All of these conflicts are totally absurd on a cosmic level (remember the Universe doesn't care).

    Ideology is a human construct that should reside in the mind and heart but not imposed on the human race in the form of a government. 

Always remember that compassion is the most important "white blood cell" for the preservation of the species.


Self Importance

Self importance is not the same as conceit. Self importance is a defense mechanism to preserve an individual's perception of their self and their preferred reality. We spend too much time in measuring how things stack up to our own individual beliefs and desires. If life doesn't measure up to our standards, we get the following results:


Putting up walls,
mass shootings,
fighting over religious and ideological differences,
road rage,
lack of compassion,
not obeying traffic laws,
class distinctions of all kinds,
depression (sometimes),
and political polarization.

Earth needs only one world  government that is concerned with providing flawless infrastructure and consistent standards.



INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY" - Look how low we've sunk regarding intellectual property. We develop cures for diseases yet we are only interested in selling those cures for profit. "Let them pay up or die", that's our motto!

I've got news for you, the reward is in "the doing" and not the Profit.


Present DayIdeal World

Which of these worlds (above) has the best chance to succeed? On the left we have a world divided. The answer is the world on the right side. A world without class distinctions, conflicts or borders. This is the only option which guarantees the survival of the human species and protects the individual's right to achieve full potential.
I know there are millions of humans who would like to evolve.


    Why do humans try to educate their children under the constraints of a stop watch? Why do we force our children to pass through the eye of a needle at the end of every year? Why do we limit what they may learn? But the most embarrassing thing we humans do is demand payment for knowledge. What species does that? What species would deny an education to anyone because of poverty? Oh, I know, Humans!!

    Humans must crystallize into a species with a cosmic perspective. Imagine how humans would benefit if all knowledge and resources were freely shared. The rewards are in "the doing" itself and not in financial enticements.



SLAVERY STILL EXISTS - Slavery in modern times is driven by Inequality. Some humans work the majority of their waking hours for minimum wage. If humans must use money then, to be fair, wages should be based on individual energy output. Those who work the hardest in a physical sense should earn the most money.

Imagine the weight loss!!!


Recipe for disaster:

2 cups of Nationalism,
2 cups of religion (any will do)
3/4 cup of Ignorance (not stupidity just ignorance),
and a dash of bigotry, jealousy, envy and want.

Bake at 90 degrees


Interesting fact: WHERE DID THEY GO?

All the ancient peoples of Earth still exist. The Maya, Inca, Greek, Anasazi, Roman, Egyptians, Nubian, Mongols and natives of all kinds are still here. They simply disperse amongst the rest. Yes even the DNA of Neanderthals is within us. Anything that is physically possible can happen and is natural.


I will always question the sanity or motives of someone who speaks for any God or country. I refuse to blindly follow any political party, any religion or any law that seems constructed by prejudice or human folly. 

If all people are equal, there is no threat of persecution. When there is no threat of persecution there is nothing more to conquer except the stars.


A beautiful moment in time near Bali 1968

We were sailing the pacific on the USS Providence just off the coast of Bali in 1968. It was a hot still summer night around 12:00 midnight and I was sitting on the deck with a few of my friends in the navy band. Everything was eerily quiet and even the sound of a nuclear cruiser cutting the water was lost in the absolute quiet of a mirror smooth ocean. The surface of the water was completely hidden below by a 2 foot high fog layer. It was as if we were sailing on a cloud and when you looked over the side you saw only white. Above us the Milky Way was crystal clear. 

Out of the cloudy mist below emerged flying fish. They would glide about 20 yards before diving back into the white silence. The whole experience was like living in a Dali painting. The flying fish, the silence and the fog were all components of a beautiful moment that I would never again experience. It wasn't over yet!! 

Gary Marcus, a 1st class petty officer who was a phenomenal tenor sax player, appeared on deck dressed only in his underwear and with his tenor sax hanging from his neck. He was following an officer up to the bridge. My friends looked at each other and agreed that he was fuming mad. Not five minutes later we heard "Bali Hai" played over the loud speaker so the whole ship could hear it. Once the melody was over he finished it off with a mad flurry of notes as if pissing all over what he had just played. Ahhh, the wonderful language of music. It was a beautiful evening in so many ways.

I was recently told by Mike Burns (a fine musician and one who knows about sacrifice) that Gary Marcus was married and needed to stay in the Navy to pay for his child's medical problems. Inspiration comes from those around us.

Misguided Patriotism

    Any government that murders its own people is corrupt and paranoid. Above: These ignorant Chinese soldiers think they are doing the right thing, just like Americans at Kent State or Egyptian soldiers in Cairo. The girl above is a Tibetan demonstrator who ends up with half her head blown off. How noble is Humankind? The U. S. government would do the same thing to it's own citizens if the wealthy felt threatened.

It's amazing how humans have accepted the fact that our brave leaders have the right to send our sons and daughters to their deaths. WHY?


"MEDICAL INSURANCE" - Medical insurance is extortion paid by individuals to stay alive and backed by our government. Asking for money in return for medical care is embarrassing on a cosmic level. My apologies to any intelligent life out there.

What Memory Is.....

The universe is full of matter that is moving. Matter in motion leaves a trail. That trail is Memory. Everything that you perceive is memory.
       Craters on all planetary bodies are memory.
       Scarred rocks from receding glaciers are memory,
       A snail's trail is memory,
       Ripples in the sand,  or a sticky dollar bill are memory,
       A bruise, a cruise or a short fuse are memory,
       The scar, a book or a pink slip is memory, 

      Everything that moves or is moved upon is memory........

Now, hypothetically, if there is an awareness of all memory in the cosmos then that would suggest a singular universal consciousness. A glimmer of hope for all the religious out there.

"Speaking of memory, I can't tell you how many times I've stood in a room wondering what I was doing there."     


Nothing for now, but I'll use this spot to rant and rave.



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