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I do not make a profit on my murals.
How Long to paint a mural? 10 to 15 days to complete a 12' x 8' mural.
If it takes me longer than my quote, you pay nothing extra.
If it takes me less time you pay less.
I photograph the area and submit an idea with an exact quote.
This preliminary is a simulation of what the finished mural will look like.
I submit one idea per mural and you are not charged for that submission.
Each mural must be as good as any on my website or I won't do the mural.
I always add more detail than my initial submission so I can surprise my clients.
During the execution of any mural I need privacy while working.
Basic needs are bathroom privileges, access to water supply and parking.
I respect your property and prep and clean the work area daily.
It is always helpful if I can leave any supplies on site and in order. It saves set-up time.

Help the homeless because you can't ignore the elephant in the room!!!!

Born in Huntington, West Virginia
John F. Kennedy H.S. Willingboro, New Jersey (When music was a Major)

Berklee School of Music 1965, Boston Mass. Scholarship
Navy Band 1966 - 1969 - toured pacific, grew up a little and witnessed a lot.
Berklee School of Music 1970, great literary circle of friends, experimented.
Vesper George School of Art 1971 - 1973 Very interesting school (closed).
Studied with Robert Douglas Hunter in Boston 1972 - 1973
1974 -  1995 Life as a musician.
1996 - 2001 Life as graphic artist
2001 - 2017 Life as muralist in Florida (over 100 mural milestone)
I still write music and feel that it is the most powerful of all the arts.



My Daughter, Sondra, lives in California.
She has become quite the spiritual and philosophical soul.

A photo of Pamela, Nisha, Bryce and me.

(Above Left) Pamela - Soul Mate - Singer - born 1950
worked together for 20 years in the music business.
She is the best human being I know.

Nisha - my daughter - Born 1981
Just as sweet as she looks and a very
intelligent/savvy woman.

Bryce - my son was born 1977
Computer Tech. - Loves technology, talented in graphics and definitely
a sci-fi geek with 2 beautiful twin girls of his own.

For Myself - I'm older, grayer, still healthy and happy.

I am proud of my family for so many reasons, but most of all because they are kind, unassuming and extremely respectful of others.

The only two things I'm really sure of from living on this planet are:

1. I know that I find myself increasingly at odds with just about everything I once believed to be true and right. I find myself seeing through all the manufactured realities of "human folly" and into a cosmos that knows no prejudice, religion or politics. 

2. I do not, and never will, make a profit on my murals. I would offer my services free of charge if I didn't have to pay the extortion money (bills) all Earthlings pay to survive. As it is I lose the financial battle every year.


h Palm Beach, Jupiter, Stuart, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and Juno Beach. Murals of Florida, Murals of U. S. A.

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